Scanhead Hardware

SI5 achieves fast raster scanned images using control of two scanners/mirrors: one resonant and one galvo scanner

This resonant/galvo (RG) pair can be ordered as a preassembled system, or as individual components.


Cambridge Technology & others

Acquisition and Control Hardware

Preamplifier Hardware

Photomultiplier tubes require a transimpedance amplifier for recording by ScanImage.The optimal bandwidth depends on the sample rate and shortest pixel durations.  

For resonant scanning, we recommend a bandwidth of at least 30 Mhz.

Two recommended options are:

VendorPart NumberNotes
  • fixed gain & bandwidth (30,000 V/A & 60 MHz)
  • cost-effective
  • variable gain & bandwidth (up to 80 MHz at 10^4 gain)

(tick) Most users will likely prefer the more cost-effective TIA60

Computer Hardware - Ask Us about a Custom Computer Build with ScanImage Preinstalled and Tested



64-bit processor with at least 4 cores, ≥ 3GHz.

Examples (Top Benchmark):

  • i7-4790K 4GHz Devil's Canyon
  • i7-7700K 4.2GHz Kaby Lake

(info) Processors/systems with at least 6 cores may be valuable for future ScanImage or user-specific requirements combining TPLSM imaging with other simultaneous processing/acquisition


≥ 16 GB RAM

(info) Additional RAM may be valuable for future ScanImage or user-specific requirements, e.g. online image analysis done in User Functions 

PCIe slots
  • PCIe x16 for a graphics card - Graphics card is not required if using the i7-4790K as it has on board graphics which are fine for ScanImage operations
  • (required) PCIe x1 for MXI controller connecting to the PXI chassis
  • (optional) PCIe x1 for a PCIe-6321 dedicated to Pockels control
  • (optional) PCIe x1 for a PCIe-6321 dedicated to Piezo/Fast Z control.

(info) We recommend PXIe based DAQ's (e.g. PXIe-6341) for Beams and Fast Z features, which reduces the PCIe slot requirements accordingly. Only the PCIe x1 slot for the MXI controller card is strictly required.

(info) Additional PCIe slots may be valuable for future ScanImage or other user-specific requirements

(info) If other graphics intensive applications are going to be used on the computer then a graphics card may be required. We recommend a GTX 960.

Hard Drives

Recommend separate drives for OS and data logging/storage, to avoid contention and achieve maximum logging performance.


  • SSD Drive for OS plus separate SSD for data logging/storage


  • SSD Drive for OS plus separate magnetic RAID 0 drive pair


  • M.2 Drive for OS plus separate magnetic RAID 0 drive pair
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 10 Professional


Piezo Hardware (Optional)

VendorControllerCompatible PiezosComments
Physik InstrumenteE-665PIFOC piezos (e.g. P-721, P-725, P-725.xDD, P-725KHDS) 
nPointLC.40xnPFocus objectivesOptions from 100um to 1000um of travel