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ScanImage 2019a introduces a new license manager. The license manager provides a streamlined way to install licenses on a microscope. The license manager does not restrict the use of ScanImage, but provides information about the license status of the microscope.

To obtain download a license for ScanImage, the following requirements need to be met:

ScanImage VersionLicense
ScanImage FreeExisting account on vidriotechnologies.com
ScanImage PremiumPurchase of ScanImage premium license

See License File for information about generating a license file.

For any questions regarding licensing contact scanimage@vidriotech.com.






titleScanImage License Manager


Data Collection

ScanImage 2019a and later automatically collects license and usage data. This information is used to:

  • Verify the license status of ScanImage software.
  • Identify commonly used data acquisition and computer hardware.
  • Identify commonly used ScanImage configurations.
  • Provide data for support.

The collection of usage data can be deactivated in ScanImage Premium.


Vidrio never collects experiment data or experiment protocols. See the table on the right for a complete list of collected data.


To delete data already transferred to Vidrio contact support@vidriotech.com


To disable all communication between ScanImage and Vidrio's license server, execute the following command:

Code Block
hLM = scanimage.util.private.LM();
hLM.allowCommunication = false;



 Collected Data
License Data

Vidrio account username

ScanImage version

ScanImage license file

Windows computer & user name


Usage Data
(can be deactivated in ScanImage Premium)

Matlab version

ScanImage Machine Data File

Installed NI Hardware

Computer Hardware Configuration