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Scanhead Hardware

ScanImage 2016 supports a wide variety of scanning systems including linear (galvo/galvo, GG) and resonant/galvo (RG) systems. Resonant scanning with multiple
regions of interest (MROI) is supported for GG and resonant/galvo/galvo (RGG) systems. Parallel scanning systems are supported to provide simultaneous imaging
and photostimulation. 


 Minimum Recommended

64-bit processor with 4 cores, ≥ 3GHz


  • Current recommended processors are the i7-9700K. An i5 versions of this processors will work but provides lower performance.

(info) Processors/systems with at least 6 cores may be valuable for future ScanImage or user-specific requirements combining TPLSM imaging with other simultaneous processing/acquisition


Matlab is single threaded in its base configuration, so that a high CPU clock rate is desirable. The fastest single thread processor is currently the i7-9700K. Xeon processors are poor choices for running ScanImage.



(info) Additional RAM may be valuable for future ScanImage or user-specific requirements, e.g. online image analysis done in User Functions 

PCIe slots
  • (usually) PCIe x16 for a graphics card.
  • (required) PCIe x1 for MXI controller connecting to the PXI chassis

(info) If PCIe based DAQ's (e.g. PCIe-6341) are used for Beams and Fast Z Concepts features, then additional PCIe slots will be required. Only the PCIe x1 slot for the MXI controller card is strictly required when using a PXIe chassis.

(info) Additional PCIe slots may be valuable for future ScanImage or other user-specific requirements

Hard Drives

A separate drive or partition for OS and data logging/storage is recommended, to avoid contention.

Either a RAID 0 magnetic drive pair or solid-state drive (SSD), whole or partition, is recommended for data logging/storage, to achieve write performance >300Mb/second.


  • Drive for OS plus separate solid-state drive (SSD) for data logging/storage


  • Drive for OS plus two 7200 rpm hard drives in RAID 0 configuration to achieve 300 Mb/sec write speed for data logging
  • M.2 drive for OS provides optimal performance for ScanImage
  • Ultra-fast data storage > 5Gb/sec can be achieved if necessary.
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 8.1 Professional
  • Windows 10 Professional