This documentation is for a legacy ScanImage version. The current documentation is ScanImage 2019.

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Due to the limitations of the MATLAB compiler, Compiled ScanImage is unable to guarantee the full features offered by regular ScanImage.  If you're using Compiled ScanImage, please refer to the Compiled ScanImage Documentation.



Assign user-defined functions that will be called in response to acquisition events.


Table FieldDescription
Event NameSelect one of several events of interest.
User FunctionThe function to call in response to the event. Note that multiple events can be sent to the same function.
A cell array with optional arguments to pass to your user function.
EnableIf this is checked, the user function will be called when the event is triggered.


sourceAt the moment, this is always the current instance of scanimage.SI class. Also known as hSI on the base Matlab workspace.
eventA string with the name of the event that triggered the user function.
argumentsA cell array with optional parameters. Specified in the arguments column of the User Functions table.