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ScanImage is an open-source software application for laser scanning microscopy, electrophysiology, laser scanning photostimulation, and other physiological methods focused on neurobiology.

The software has been previously developed at Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryNorthwestern University , and Janelia Research Campus, with NIH grant support to Gordon Shepherd and Karel Svoboda.

As of 2014, ScanImage is developed and supported by Vidrio Technologies, LLC as both an open-source research resource and as premium software available for sale.

ScanImage is used by over 200 laboratories throughout the world and has been essential to the work described in over 550 850 publications to date.

Be counted!

If your lab actively uses ScanImage, please let us know about any publications using these tools (if not yet on our list).

License and Citations

ScanImage 5 releases are provided to site members under the ScanImage 5.x License

In addition, we require that those who publish work using ScanImage either:


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