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  • Shutter, Pockels, Piezo, and External Start Trig connections are all optional
  • Connection of Line Trig In to Line Clock Terminal required only to board controlling Pockels (if using Pockels)

Software Installation

ScanImage Installation

  1. Create a ScanImage folder at desired path location (suggestions: C:\Program Files\ScanImage or C:\My Documents\Matlab\ScanImage). Location is hereafter referred to as <ScanImage>.
  2. Extract ZIP file into selected folder, adjusting name as desired to fully describe version. This creates a version folder <ScanImage>\<Version Name>
  3. Launch Matlab and select Set Path... from the File menu
  4. Press the button Add with Subfolders... and, when prompted, select the directory <ScanImage>\<Version Name>. This adds the ScanImage installation contents to the top of Matlab search path.