This documentation is for a legacy ScanImage version. The current documentation is ScanImage 2019.

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  • Frame Specific Data
    • Data recorded in a Tiff that is specific to a Frame, such as timestamps and I2C data.
    • This data is stored with each frame.
  • IFD
    • Tiff Standard terminology, Image File Directory
  • Non-Varying Frame Data
    • Microscope  configuration that pertains to all frames in a Tiff file.
    • This data is stored once in the Tiff file following the Tiff Header section.
  • ROI Group Data
    • Defined Regions of Interest.
    • This data is stored once in the Tiff file following the Non-Varying Frame Data.


This document describes how to decipher a Tiff file created using the new Big Tiff format in ScanImage. The hex editor used in the examples displays the bytes as they appear in the Tiff file. Byte swapping needs to occur to decipher Tiff information and is presented in the examples.


  • For further information on how to extract additional information about an image from the IFD Tags, please refer to the Tiff Specification.


Frame Specific Data