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ScanImage is an application for controlling a laser scanning microscope.  The application was first released in 2003 and the original version (r3.0) is described in Pologruto et al., Biomedical Engineering Online, 2003.  

The latest versions ScanImage 5.1 and ScanImage 2015 are based upon the concept of flexible hardware support including support for multiple scanhead hardware from, Scientifica, Sutter Instruments and ThorLabs.  

Data acquisition and control hardware is based upon the powerful National Instruments FlexRIO platform which includes on board FPGA processing for real-time analysis applications.

Please contact for hardware and software license quotes.


View the article ScanImage Free and Premium Comparison to learn more about ScanImage versions.

Version Summary


ScanImage 2017 was released November 10th, 2017 and adds motion correction in Z, 3D SLM scanning, and much more to ScanImage 2016

ScanImage 2016 was released June 15th, 2016 and adds motion correct, online analysis, arbitrary line scanning and much more to ScanImage 2015

ScanImage 2015 supports combined resonant scanner imaging and galvo scanner photostimulus (and much more)

ScanImage 5.1 supports resonant scanner and galvo scanner imaging
ScanImage 4.1/4.2 supports resonant scanner imaging with specific Thorlabs hardware
ScanImage 3.8 is supports galvo scanner imaging

Premium Releases

SI 2018a18 June 2018Releases have been moved here.DocumentationREADME

Photon Counting using a fast digitizer

3D Motion Correction

Acquistion Gating for low rep rate Lasers

Offline Data Viewer


SI 2017b22 Dec 2017

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Z Motion Correction

Improved Galvo Waveforms

Eliminated FastZ Volume Period Adjustment

Custom Header Properties

Data Overwrite Warning

Various fixes and overhauls

Maintenance Update: Bug Fixes for

PZAdjust, Tile Display, Rolling Stripe Data, FastZ,

Pure Analog Devices + More.


SI 2017a30 Aug 2017

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3D SLM targeting and imaging 

 3D pattern generation and alignment

Simultaneous imaging and holographic targeting

SLM as FastZ or Linear Scanning device

 Wavefront generation with Zernike modes

 Bessel-mode scanning

 Z-Alignment between stage and focusing device

 SLM LUT calibration

 Triggered SLM photostimulation


SI 2016b21 March 2017

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SLM & Galvo/Galvo targeted Photostimulation,
Support for 2P Mesoscope, multi-ROI (MROI) imaging; FastZ step mode,
Motion Correction, Online analysis, arbitrary line scanning,
Optimization and caching of waveform AO's
PLUS all features in SI5 


SI 2015b10 March 2016

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Documentation  README

SI5 resonant scanning PLUS:

targeted photostimulation; parallel scanners;

multi-ROI (MROI) imaging; FastZ step mode;


Public Releases

All public release of ScanImage (5.x, 4.x, etc.) have been moved here.

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How to Install



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