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  • Support for MATLAB 2013b & DAQmx 9.8
  • Support for nPoint LC.40x controller family, including for FastZ (volume) imaging
  • Frame rate measurements now only needed for each scanZoomFactor value (was required also for changes to {scanLinesPerFrame,scanMode,scanAngleMultiplierSlow} in r4.1)
  • ScanImage honors X/Y field size calibration, done at Thor factory (via AlignData.txt file) - avoids X/Y stretching artifacts seen on some systems
  • Faster frame rates at lower zoom values (smaller flyback time values have been qualified)
  • Allow scanLinesPerFrame > scanPixelsPerLine (e.g. for line scanning)
  • New channelsAutoReadOffsetsOnStartup property (USR setting) enabling channel offsets to be read on startup, after prompting to ensure detector input is on & with correct gain.
  • Volume imaging with 'Discard Flyback Frames' option now blanks beam during flyback frame(s)
  • 'Arm' mode next triggering now supported - i.e. 'stop trigger' mode
  • Added events: startTriggerProcessed
  • The motorPosition is read before GRAB/LOOP acquisitions and stored to image header
  • Standard area imaging with external Y galvo supported


  • Axial shift error in piezo signal for volume imaging with fastZDiscardFlyback
  • Axial shift errors were present in beam signal for volume imaging with P/z-adjust enabled
  • Shutter failed to close between stack slices when stackZStepSize < 0
  • Beam calibration offset readings were inaccurately biased towards zero, affecting beam calibration quality/reliability
  • Channel offset reads would not occur for channels with channelsSubtractOffsets=false (with channelsAutoReadOffsets=true), preventing updated values from appearing in file header
  • Stacks with P/z adjust would get stuck at low power levels when very low levels (<1%) were computed, due to rounding
  • Errors occurred when changing displayRollingAverageFactor with displayRollingAverageFactorLock=true
  • Configuration name not appearing in the Configuration window
  • Image Stats & Histogram buttons were interchanged
  • Image Stats operation was not displaying output to command-line


  • Channel offsets now read on startup only when new channelsAutoReadOffsetsOnStartup property is enabled
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