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ScanImage 3.8.1 is a service pack release, with several bugfixes and enhancements relative to r3.8.0

(tick) To upgrade from SI 3.8.0, you can directly use your existing INI/CFG/USR files
(tick) To upgrade from SI 3.7.x, you can use the utility scim_upgrade() to copy & update your existing INI/CFG/USR files for use with SI 3.8.1
(info) To upgrade from SI 3.6.x or earlier, you must create new INI/CFG/USR files


  • Support for MATLAB 2013b & DAQmx 9.8
  • Support for nPoint LC.40x controller family
  • Support for PI E753 controller


  • Motor errors appear sporadically on Cycle mode startup
  • Error when 'Grab 1 Stack' button used with P/z adjustment enabled and state.motor.zDepthPositive=0
  • Header variable state.acq.averaging (for file frame averaging) incorrectly set true in some cases of display frame averaging only
  • scim_openTif() failed to read all frames when frame averaging was used
  • Inability to goto motor position IDs > 9
  • Error on acquisition start after changes to certain scan/beam configuration settings
  • Error in case of multiple beams, when one or more use naive calibration

ScanImage 3.8.0 README (1-14-2013)

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