This documentation is for a legacy ScanImage version. The current documentation is ScanImage 2019.

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A quick review of the bare minimum to get a system up and running for the first time.


Start by installing required software and hardware.

ScanImage Installation

  1. Download ScanImage.
  2. Unzip the ScanImage download to a folder of your choosing.  Hereafter, that folder will be referred to as <ScanImage>.
  3. Launch Matlab.
  4. Add <ScanImage> to your Matlab path (see pathtool).
  5. Run ScanImage in the Matlab Command Window.

  6. Configure the Machine Data File

    (tick) For detailed ScanImage installation instructions, see Getting Started, Installing ScanImage


  1. Connect the period clock.  The resonant scan system will generate a timing pulse that identifies each period of the resonant scanner's sweep.  This is usually called the SYNC signal or the period trigger.  Connect your resonant scan system's period trigger to PFI0 on the breakout for your primary DAQ.
  2. Connect the analog output lines as required for your system.

    SubsystemInput/OutputExample Terminal (info)
    X ZoomOutputDev1/ao0
    Y MirrorOutputDev1/ao1
    Fast ZOutputDev3/ao0

The particular terminals for many important timing inputs can be assigned in the Machine Data File. We're just providing one example wiring here. Consult the Wiring Guide for more details.


Device and terminal names use the National Instruments naming scheme. Device names can be configured using NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX) which is installed by DAQmx..