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ScanImage supports three different data acquisition hardware platforms:

  • Vidrio Technologies vDAQ (Recommended) - supports resonant and linear (galvo-galvo) imaging modes
  • National Instruments FlexRIO - supports resonant and linear (galvo-galvo) imaging modes
  • National Instruments DAQ - supports only linear (galvo-galvo) imaging

These imaging systems can be used separately from each other, or in combination for simultaneous imaging and photostimulation.

Wiring Guides

Please review the following documents for information about wiring the imaging systems

If parallel resonant and linear scanners are used for simultaneous imaging and photostimulation using National Instruments hardware, please review the article


If you have any questions about wiring your system, please visit http://support.vidriotech.com/ to create a support ticket or write us an email at support@vidriotech.com