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License File

A ScanImage license file holds information such as the ScanImage version and the support status available to the user. A license file is linked to a specific computer via the computer's host ID.


License File Generation

There are two ways to retrieve a license file for ScanImage:

  1. The ScanImage computer has access to the Internet
    1. Launch ScanImage
    2. Log in with your vidriotech.com credentials
    3. Select 'Download License'
    4. Select the license to be used with ScanImage and click 'Select License'.

  2. The ScanImage computer is offline
    1. User your credentials to log on to https://vidriotechnologies.com/my-account/
    2. Select 'Download License'
    3. Fill out the form and select 'Get License'. (See infobox below to retrieve host ID).
    4. Select the license you want to use with ScanImage.
    5. Copy the license text into a text file with the name 'license.txt'.
    6. Launch ScanImage and select 'Open License File'. Select the file from the previous step.


There are two ways to retrieve the computer's host ID.

  1. Launch ScanImage - the host ID will be displayed on the launch screen
  2. Open a Windows command prompt and execute the command 'vol'. The host ID is the volume serial number of the C drive.
ScanImage Launch Screen

License File Storage

ScanImage stores data in the folder C:\ProgramData\Vidrio\ScanImage\License

If this folder is not writeable, the license file and settings for the license manager cannot be stored. This folder can be deleted to remove all licensing information from the computer.


License File Transfer

To transfer a license to a new computer, generate a new license file and delete ScanImage and the old license file from the old computer. No deactivation is required.


License File Format

The following information is stored in the license file:

License fieldDescription
License KeyUnique Identifier of the license
ProductProduct for which the license is valid
VersionProduct version for which the license is valid
License UserUser who requested the license
OrganizationOrganization for which the license was issued
License ContactContact at organization who manages the license
Number of SeatsNumber of computers on which the license may be installed
License ExpirationExpiration date of the license (if empty license does not expire)
Service ExpirationExpiration date of the support services
Host IDUnique identifier of the computer
License GeneratedDate of license file generation


The license file carries a cryptographic signature. Make sure not to modify the content of the license file to maintain the validity of the signature.


License File Example


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