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This documentation is for a legacy ScanImage version. The current documentation is ScanImage 2019.
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Affected Users

If you use a Thorlabs BScope2, changes need to be made to your Machine Data File (MDF). This applies to you if you have the following entry in the "ScanImage" section of your MDF:

If 'ThorBScope2' is an entry in the components option, follow the instructions below to upgrade your configuration.

Update Instructions

  1. Replace 'ThorBScope2' with 'dabs.thorlabs.BScope2' in the components list.
  2. Update your stage controller settings:
    1. If you have a Thorlabs MCM5000 stage controller:
      1. In the "Motors" section of your MDF, change the motorControllerType from '+ThorBScope2' to 'thorlabs.mcm5000'
      2. Set motorCOMPort to the correct COM port number. This should currently be in the "Thorlabs BScope2" section as "mcm5000ComPort"
    2. If you have a Thorlabs MCM3000 stage controller:
      1. This stage was previously unsupported but now is compatible under this release. In the "Motors" section of your MDF set motorControllerType to 'thorlabs.mcm3000'.
      2. Set motorCOMPort to the correct COM port number.
  3. Find the "Thorlabs BScope2" section of your MDF
    1. Rename "ecu2ComPort" to "ecuComPort"
    2. Remove "mcm5000ComPort" and "hasRotation" fields. They no longer apply
    3. Add the following to the section:

      1. USB mirror controllers were previously unsupported. If you have USB mirror controllers, set the COM ports for which ever mirrors apply to your bscope.
      2. For upgrades leave pmtDevAdresses empty. If using any of the new Thorlabs PMT2100 PMT controllers, enter the 5 digit serial number for the controller for each channel.

If you have any questions about these instructions send an email to support@vidriotech.com.

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