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This documentation is for a legacy ScanImage version. The current documentation is ScanImage 2019.
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For an overview of the ScanImage Roi concept, please review the article Scanfields, ROIs, ROI Groups.

For an overview of the RoiGroup and Roi API, please review the article RoiGroup & Roi

Stimulus Scanfield

A stimulus scanfield is defined by the following properties

Definition of a StimulusField

Stimulus Sequence

To create a stimulus sequence, multiple stimulus rois can be added to a RoiGroup.


Add a pause before each stimulus to allow the galvo mirrors to fly to the stimulus positon. End each stimulus sequence with a 'park' stimulus to park the galvo mirrors outside the field of view.

Performance Tip


RoiGroups, Rois and Scanfields are handle objects. To stimulate the same target multiple times during a sequence, add the same stimulus Roi multiple times to the RoiGroup. This is faster than creating multiple instances of the Roi

Setup of a Stimulation Sequence



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