This documentation is for a legacy ScanImage version. The current documentation is ScanImage 2019.
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ScanImage was developed using the Model-View-Controller design pattern. As a demonstration of the scripting-flexibility that ScanImage provides us, this article will show an example of how to set up a simple GUI for a specific ScanImage-based task. This article uses the ScanImage API, which is described in more detail here.

Suppose we were to run a hypothetical experiment/procedure that only requires the user to change the name of a file and start a frame acquisition based on clicking. For this purpose the following \GUIDE GUI would be more than sufficient for our needs:

We shall now see how we can tie the ScanImage core to perform the desired task through this GUI. First of all, let's link a new controller-view to ScanImage. To do this, we can inspect the scanimage startup script. In the Matlab command window, type:

Inspect the ScanImage startup script

Find the following section in the startup script:

scanimage startup script excerpt

Now we can set up the new controller

Next comes the View. Here will choose explicit names for each element in the GUI.

GUI TagsDescription
Check-box for toggling logging-enabled state
Edit-box for setting the logging filename
Push-button for initiating a GRAB acquisition (not set in the view)
Push-button for stopping an acqusition (not set in the view)

After constructing

This concludes our simple implementation of the MVC approach for creating simple ScanImage user interfaces. This should be considered a starting point, given that error-checking and proper destructors should still be added to this implementation.

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